Saturday, October 11, 2008


So, Ingrid are a sick fucking band, let's start with that. Originating in the Washington D.C. area, the band is made up of Ashley Arnwine(Mass Movement Of The Moth, Des Ark) on the drums, and Joey Doubek(Mass Movement Of The Moth, Danke, Bear And The Butterfly) on the guitar. Combining crusty d-beat hardcore, the jazzy math-core of Tiny Hawks and USAIsamonster, and even the alternative rock sounds of the Smashing Pumpkins, every moment of their new 8 song tape is a treat for the ears. They waste no time on this record, building up to epic climaxes on each song, which only seem to last long enough for you to wrap your head around the sheer, well, epic-ness of it all. One of the most impressive things about this band is that in Mass Movement Of The Moth, Ashley played guitar and Joey played drums. Just when you thought they could do it all, they switch instruments and create another devastatingly brutal yet tastefully different band.

The lyrics touch on a variety of topics from queer visibility, environmental issues, death and illness, to mental health and suicide. Joey takes care of most of the vocals, not without Ashley's help, whose moments on the mic are some of the best on the record.

You can hear all of the mp3's on their website, and you can order their tape from my dear friend Will's label website, Cosmic Debris.

My personal favorites: "Heron," "Triangle," "What Makes you," and fucking all of the others, for real.

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