Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ha! I KNEW it

he scruffy, Cincinnati-bred chroniclers of twenty-something life known as the National will take on that scruffy, Jersey-bred chronicler of blue collar life known as the Boss aka BRUUUUUUCE aka plain old Bruce Springsteen on the B-side of their new single.

The band's cover of Bruce's Nebraska gem "Mansion on the Hill", recorded live at the opening night of last year's New York Guitar Festival, will back the"Apartment Story" single. Beggars Banquet will release "Apartment Story" in the UK on November 5.


I knew they probably loved springsteen. who doesn't? nice choice of cover...

in addition, here are some fun youtube videos i've found in the last day or two:

Grizzly Bear doing an acapella version of "The Knife"

Broken Social Scene with Dinosaur Jr. at some party. this looks ridiculously hip.

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