Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive

so the new Bruce Springsteen CD leaked, and thanks to ben berkowitz, I FUCKING HAVE A COPY OF IT! I am listening to it and boy I am already kind of in love with it. Sounds like old Bruce, and i've already heard some tracks that blow the single "Radio Nowhere" out of the water....perhaps a preview coming up soon!

ps- my new favorite musical genre: "lamp rock." this was used to describe Doveman, the band who opened for The National last friday.

we've had a killer mail day at the radio station! we got in copies of :

new Georgie James
new M83
new Good Life
new Two Gallants
new Rogue Wave
extra copy of new Talib Kweli (thanks!)
and humourously, the soundtrack to the new nikki six journals/autobiography, entitled "The Heroin Diaries." cool...


J. Neas said...

That there Georgie James ought to be good. I've been on 'em since late last year before they put out that "Need Your Needs" single and I saw them open for someone at some point. Good, fun music.

Mark and Sasha said...

you got the bruce cd????